DRtfTree – Delphi VCL for RTF processing

DRtfTree is a port of NRtfTree which can be found at https://github.com/sgolivernet/nrtftree.

The main usage of DRtfTree:

  • Loading and processing an existing rich text document and extract the plain text only portion.
  • Perform rich text operation such as: creating paragraph, inserting an image and then generate the resulting rich text.
  • Creating a mail-merge-like document is possibly, combined with a dataset and a code to iterate the data using ReplaceText and ReplaceTextEx method.

Difference between NRtfTree:

  • Introduce new white space node type to preserve the original rich text document loaded.
  • ReplaceTextEx can replace text which is scattered across nodes.
  • Rtf document with measurement unit support (native, mm, cm, inch, pixel).

The source code of DRtfTree can be fetched from Github.

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