Adding Access Logging to Symfony Application

sfAccessLoggerPlugin introduces a way of logging your site visits. To accomplish this logging, the others plugin is needed:

  1. sfGuardPlugin for User management.
  2. sfPropelUuidBehaviorPlugin for generating Universally Unique Identifier (UUID).
  3. sfRemoteIPPlugin, an extract of function found in sfPropelAuditPlugin by Sacha Telgenhof Oude Koehorst to detect the remote IP Address.
  4. sfBrowscapPlugin, a simple symfony wrapper for phpbrowscap to determine the client browser capability.
  5. The sfAccessLoggerPlugin itself.


  1. Instal all plugins and enable them.
  2. Do propel build model, forms, filters, and SQL, then insert generated SQL to your database.
  3. In your backend application, enable bundled module sfAccessLogViewer to provide admin style generated module to view the access log.

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