Symfony 1.2: sfDbConfigPlugin, a sfConfig Counterpart

Symfony has a file based configuration, and with sfDbConfigPlugin, it can handle a database based configuration.

sfDbConfigPlugin provide the following feature:

sfDbConfig class

sfDbConfig class provide a counterpart methods of sfConfig class:

sfDbConfig::set('MYSETTING::TEST', 'test value'); // set the value
sfDbConfig::get('MYSETTING::TEST', 'default');    // get the value, return 'default' if not defined
$exist = sfDbConfig::has('MYSETTING::TEST');      // check if a configuration exist
sfDbConfig::remove('MYSETTING::TEST');            // remove a configuration
Override a YAML configuration

We can easily override a YAML configuration, for example we have a configuration:

// app.yml
    setting1:                        test

To override the above configuration, we can define a sfDbConfig configuration named OVERRIDE::app_my_setting_setting1 and provide the overidden value.

Also we can define which environment will be overridden by specifying the environment before the configuration name, so it becomes OVERRIDE::prod:app_my_setting_setting1.

sfDbConfig configuration can be altered any time with the included admin interface.


Instalation and Configuration
  1. Download the plugin here, currently only available for symfony 1.2.
  2. Install and enable the plugin.
  3. Rename project/plugins/sfDbConfigPlugin/config/schema.yml.sample to schema.yml.
  4. Rebuild model, form, filter, and sql, then insert generated sql to database.
  5. Enable sfDbConfigAdmin module in settings.yml so we can define and alter a configuration.
  6. Enable sfDbConfig module so we can clear the configuration override cache by navigating to an url /reload-config-override.

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